Milfoil Weevil Production Center
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The culture and production is accomplished by setting up a lake specific culturing facility operated by the lake governance community. This Milfoil Weevil 'self-culturing program' has many advantages compared with ordering the weevils from a supplier. Since there is a permitting process involved, many states do not allow importation from other distant areas. The reason behind this mandate is that not all local populations are the same genetic makeup (for example, Wisconsin vs. Ohio) and thus 'locality' is an important biological and ecological feature for the preventing cross contamination. 'Locality' also increases the probability that the Milfoil Weevil will adapt successfully to the lake system.

The laboratory production of Milfoil Weevils requires some basic understanding of culture techniques in general and also the 'idiosyncrasies' of weevil biology. But fortunately these have been formulated and the weevil is in fact not one of the most difficult invertebrates to culture at production levels. What is required is a commitment by the lake community to get the job done. The training is provided by Dr. Jerry 'River' Kaster (Ph.D.) who is a long time culturist of a broad range of aquatic invertebrates. River is also recognized educator that will smooth the learning process (Sotl Scholar 2009-2010: Bridging the Gap Between Creativity and Knowledge).
Culture and Production