Milfoil Weevil Production Center
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The cost structure is set to the size of the operation required and the cost guidelines are provided below. Note that items 1 - 3 are fixed cost and due at initiation and not refundable. Items 4 - 6 are variable costs depending upon specific needs; 50% is due at initiation and 50% due when the project phase is complete.

1. Engaging the Milfoil Weevil permitting process     $500

2. Engaging the culture and production process     $500

3. Engaging the plant study permitting process     $500

4. Aquatic Plant study (variable depending on water size) generally between about $5000 and $10,000.

5. Milfoil Weevil culture and production program     $7500

6. Culture equipment if purchased from us (variable)    $5000

7. Informational presentation on-site$250 + travel

Again, please note that the pricing above is variable depending upon your specific circumstances.